Renon Groot

Groot is a smart, safe and cost optimized Li-ion battery pack for low to medium speed electric two wheelers

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Renon Groot

Renon Groot

Renon India's Groot NMC 57.6V/34.8Ah is a smart, safe, and cost-optimized Li-ion battery pack designed for low to medium speed electric two wheelers. With a full-charge time of only 2 hours, the battery is both swappable and lightweight at 12KGs. It features an impressive 215mm x 175mm x 320mm dimension and is approved by AIS 048, AIS 156, UL 1642, UN 38.3, and IEC 60950. The battery also comes with optional battery insurance and a wide range of smart features including Ignition Input (optional), UART, I2C, SPI Communications, BLE, Wi-Fi wireless communication (optional), optional data connectivity platforms on Mobile and Web, optional in-field battery safety and health monitoring services. Suitable for EScooters, this powerful battery pack from Renon India is sure to provide reliable, efficient and safe performance.