Autoline eSpeed eBicycle 24

eSpeed Electric Bicycle

Retail Price (Exclusive of GST)


Disclaimer: The prices mentioned are subject to change from 1st June 2023 onwards. Customers are advised to verify the latest prices with the OEMs before making any bookings.

25 Kmph

Top Speed

3-4 Hours

Charge Time

1 Year

Battery Warranty



What's included

Autoline eSpeed eBicycle 24

Autoline eSpeed eBicycle 24

The eSpeed eBicycle 24 is the perfect choice for a comfortable and safe ride. It has a top speed of 25 Kmph and a maximum loading capacity of 100KGs. It comes with a front V-brake and rear disc brake system for efficient braking. The frame is made of steel and has a full charge time of 3-4 hours. It comes with a gradeability of 3.5 degrees and a wheelbase of 1000MM. The wheel size is 24*2.125 inches and the tyres are made of nylon. It has a motor type and capacity of BLDC, 250W and a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 24V/11Ah. The battery life is 800 cycles and it comes with a 1-year battery warranty. It has a range/charge of 25KMs and a pedal boost system. The display screen and after sales service is also available. It is available in three colors - red, green and black.