Felidae Maven

Maven is India's No. 1 single speed E-Cycle that is offering the best specs at the most affordable cost.

Retail Price (Exclusive of GST)


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25 Kmph

Top Speed

3.5 Hours

Charge Time

1 Year

Battery Warranty



What's included



Maven is india's no. 1 single speed e-cycle that is offering the best specs at the most affordable cost. It consists of a high torque geared brushless dc motor for efficient performance in all terrains. Smooth and powerful riding experience. Compact, silent, light-weight. Rigorously tested for extreme loading and ambient condition. It consists of a detachable battery pack from samsung for long lasting ride . The controller was effectively designed for smooth switching of five pedal assist mode to provide hassle free ride and performance in city traffic and in adventure terrains. Controller ensures that the rider has a smooth start and stop transaction between various pas modes. Led display is a battery charge level indicator, pedal assist controller, head-light & power switch. E brakes enhances the control of the bike in city traffic.