Motionman YmHa Li

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Disclaimer: The prices mentioned are subject to change from 1st June 2023 onwards. Customers are advised to verify the latest prices with the OEMs before making any bookings.

25 Kmph

Top Speed

6-7 Hours

Charge Time

Not Available

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MotionMan YmHa Li

MotionMan YmHa Li

When one speaks of being environment-friendly mode of transportation, it’s highly unlikely that they miss mentioning about the MotionMan YmHa Li-Ion motorcycle. The emotorcycle comes fitted with a lithium battery, premium in its category and known for its durability and efficiency. Features such as high motor power, fitted carriage, a portable charger among others make this emotorcycle the preferred choice of commuters who carry loads on a regular basis. As the country swiftly moves towards the mark of 100% electrification of the entire transport system, eWheelers believes it can act as a significant player in helping achieve this goal at the earliest. With close to 150 plus brands listed on our emarketplace, eWheelers is the Google of electric two wheelers of all kinds. Moreover, our comprehensive approach towards the EV ecosystem, especially when it comes to providing post-sales support, is being much appreciated and enjoyed by dealers and clients alike. The idea of a green India is a necessary one, looking at the drastically increasing levels of pollution both in urban and rural areas. In fact, what’s left of our rural environment that can be cherished for few more decades, can only be preserved by going completely electric in terms of daily commute.