Asis Helico LA 60V/28Ah 5 Year BW

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25 Kmph

Top Speed

Not Available

Charge Time

5 Years

Battery Warranty



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Asis Helico

Asis Helico

The Asis Helico is a people’s ebike and therefore it’s designed keeping in mind the varying preferences of the consumers That’s why it also has a lead acid battery version apart from its lithium ion battery version. This makes the bike slightly more economic, however most of the features remain the same. Apart from being an environment-friendly vehicle, the Helico comes with modern features like remote control lock, alarm system, anti-theft device, digital metre and LED lights. And the best part is that it comes with a 5 year warranty period for the battery. eWheelers is a mobility services company which has transformed itself over the years in line with the periodically changing consumer preferences pertaining to the electric two wheeler market. And, we feel it’s a privilege that we are able to support the upcoming EV brands expand and prosper in their respective areas of expertise through our comprehensive emarket place. Our unique business model is specially designed for the post-pandemic requirements and hence we are proud to call ourselves a phygital business. With close to 150 plus companies, 21 experience studios, 3000 digital dealers and more than 10000 EV mechanics across 10 states in India, eWheelers Mobility Solutions has not only proven to be a great value-addition to the Indian mobility market, but has successfully disrupted the supply chain experience.