Avon E-Zap DX LA 60V/24Ah

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Top Speed

7-8 Hours

Charge Time


Battery Warranty



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Avon E-Zap DX

Avon E-Zap DX

The Avon E-Zap DX is an advanced electric scooter offering superior performance at a great value. With a top speed of 24Kmph and a maximum loading capacity of 120KGs, this scooter is sure to get you where you need to go in a safe and efficient manner. It is equipped with a drum breaks system, an LED headlight, telescopic suspension and a digital speedometer, all providing optimum safety while on the road. It has two drive modes controlled by a DC Mosfet controller and its rechargeable lead acid battery capacity is 60V/24Ah with a 1-year warranty, providing a range of 65-70KMs on a single charge taking 7-8 hours to fully charge. The frame is made up of MS Steel Tube with a wheelbase of 1230MM and 3*10-inch alloy wheels that are tubeless. It also features a digital display screen and USB charging port. To add to the convenience, it also has smart features such as remote locking with anti-theft alarm. This scooter is available in black, red, silver and white color options. All in all, the Avon E-Zap DX electric scooter provides superior performance at an economical price that suits your requirements.