Avon E-Zap DX Li 60V/24Ah

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Disclaimer: The prices mentioned are subject to change from 1st June 2023 onwards. Customers are advised to verify the latest prices with the OEMs before making any bookings.

24 Kmph

Top Speed

4-5 Hours

Charge Time

3 Years

Battery Warranty



What's included

Avon E-Zap DX with Li-Ion 60V/24Ah

Avon E-Zap DX with Li-Ion 60V/24Ah

Taking customer satisfaction seriously while understanding the changing the consumer aspirations, Avon E-Zap DX fits the criteria for a layman’s electric two-wheeler quiet convincingly. It comes with a 2 year warranty on the Lithium battery variant and a one year warranty on the Lead Acid battery variant. With features that are carefully put together to match the everyday commuting needs of Indian consumers, the Avon E-Zap DX doesn’t disappoint at all. To top the list of benefits, the scooter comes with a 250W efficient motor, with 24 km/hr speed and 3.00x10 tubeless tyres for added safety. Introducing a revolution in the two-wheeler electric market, eWheelers Mobility Solutions has successfully launched an emarketplace that makes the purchase and service of electric two wheelers a seamless affair. Special emphasis has been laid on the booking of test rides, where the phygital factor plays a crucial role. We intend to take care of our customers right from the first step and guide them through all the way to purchasing the best suited EV for their needs. Making the future of smart mobility sustainable, one step at a time, eWheelers values innovation and automation more than anything. Our Smart Mobility Hubs and eBike studios are a classic example of how seriously we take the idea of promoting every aspiring start up in the smart mobility market.