BattRE IOT (26Ah+26Ah)Inverted NMC

Building smart, innovative and affordable electric scooters for India

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2.5 hours

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Introducing the BattRE IOT (26Ah+26Ah)Inverted NMC electric scooter, the perfect combination of smart, innovative design and affordability. This electric scooter is designed to take you wherever you want to go: it has a top speed of 25Kmph, a max loading capacity of 150KGs, and a range/charge of 140KMs. It also features sturdy and reliable dual disc brakes, a bright LED headlight, adjustable hydraulic coilover suspension in the rear, LCD speedometer, and a strong steel frame. And to make sure you look your best, it is available in 6 attractive colors: red, blue, black, white, silver, and yellow. To customize your ride, the BattRE IOT comes with 3 drive modes, as well as Bluetooth and mobile app capabilities. Plus, it’s powered by a BLDC Hub motor, a high-quality Nickle Manganese Cobalt battery with a capacity of 48V/26+26Ah, swappable batteries and a battery life of up to 1200 cycles. The 10A charger rating ensures fast charging, while warranties for the charger, tyres, motor, controller, and converter have you covered for 3 years. Explore your world with the BattRE IOT electric scooter, all while leaving a minimal environmental footprint.