BattRE One gps:ie (26Ah+26Ah)Inverted NMC

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2.5 hours

Charge Time


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BattRE One gps:ie

BattRE One gps:ie

The BattRE One gps:ie (26Ah+26Ah)Inverted NMC is an electric scooter designed to provide a smart, innovative and affordable option for commuters in India. This scooter can run at a top speed of 25 Kmph, with a load capacity of 150 KGs and the ability to climb up to 8 degrees. The frame of the scooter is steel and it has LED lighting, dual disc brakes, and a LCD speedometer fixed to it. The wheel size is 10 inches, the tyre type is tubeless, and it has a wheelbase of 1386mm. The motor is a BLDC Hub, the battery type is Nickle Manganese Cobalt and it is 48 volts/26+26Ah. The full recharge time is 2.5 hours and it gives a range of 140km. The scooter is compatible with a portable mobile app and comes with keyless entry, GPS enabled and Anti-Theft Alarm. The charger, tyre, motor and controller all come with a 3 year warranty, while the converter has a 1 year warranty. There is also an optional insurance and after-sales service provided for this model. Available colors are Red, Blue, Black, White, Silver and Yellow.