BattRE One gps:ie 30Ah Okaya

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3 hours

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BattRE One gps:ie

BattRE One gps:ie

The BattRE One GPS:IE 30Ah Okaya is an innovative electric scooter created for the Indian market. This scooter is capable of reaching a top speed of 25Kmph and can take on loading capacities of up to 150KGs. It comes equipped with dual disc brakes, LED headlight, adjustable hydraulic coilover at the rear and a LED speedometer for added safety. The frame is made of steel, while the eScooter measures length 1800MM, width 700MM and height 1100MM. There are 6 different color choices- Red, Blue, Black, White, Silver and Yellow. This BattRE model also features 3 drive modes and a 12 Tube MOSFET 48V Controller. The Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery capacity is 48V/30Ah and comes with a 3 year warranty. It offers a range of 80 KMs in one charge that takes 3 hours to complete. This BattRE model is also GPS and Keyless enabled, along with Anti-Theft Alarm. It has a wheel base of 1386MM, 10 inch alloy wheel, tubeless tyre, charger rating 10A, corporate warranty of 1 year and extended warranty of 3 years. The company also provides after sales service & optional insurance.