GT Force GT One Li

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GT Force GT One

GT Force GT One

GT Force GT One, also known as the “Scooter of India”, is a best-n-class scooter which runs on lithium battery and comprises of a highly insulated BLDC motor. In addition to being a zero emission environment-friendly escooter, GT Force GT One is also popular with the masses for its exceptional performance on Indian roads and its long-lasting battery. Time and again, eWheelers has laid strong emphasis on the need for a phygital model of business, wherein customers are encouraged to buy the product only after a satisfying experience. Our smart mobility platform is aimed at making the entire experience of buying your first escooter a memorable and most importantly, a seamless one. The electric two wheeler market being extremely dynamic, there’s always exists the need to keep our products up to date with the latest market trends. And we don’t lose any opportunity to do so. On our comprehensively designed platform, you will definitely find something of your preference.