White Carbon GT5

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4-5 Hours

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White Carbon GT5

White Carbon GT5

A revolutionary electric scooter that offers an unbeatable ride experience. It is powered by a 3Kw Bosch Hub motor, and is equipped with an air-cooled MOSFET controller and an integrated air channel for cooling. Its throttle control is ride-by-wire electric throttle with safe ride redundancy, and it has a self-start push button for easy starting. With a power output of 3000 W, it offers 4.02 hp and 58Nm of torque, and can reach up to 50 km/h in speed. It also features a hill climb ability of up to 30% (17°): 19 km/h, and can travel up to 100-120 km in distance. Its frame is made of cold-rolled steel, and it has a telescopic suspension in the front and a coil suspension in the rear. In terms of safety, it comes with side stand safety sensors, an ambient light sensor, and a hazardous switch in case of emergency. It also has a digital dashboard, adjustable mirrors, adjustable preload, and programmable LED headlights. Lastly, it has a range of smart features such as dynamic performance profiling, headlight auto on/off/dim, hazardous signal lights, auto adaptive, auto off, and more. The White Carbon GT5 is simply perfect!