Aurita Infinity 2.0

Cargo Electric Utility Bike

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Disclaimer: The prices mentioned are subject to change from 1st June 2023 onwards. Customers are advised to verify the latest prices with the OEMs before making any bookings.

25 Kmph

Top Speed

3.5 Hours

Charge Time


Battery Warranty



What's included

Aurita Infinity

Aurita Infinity

Designed to carry two kids, a week’s worth of groceries, even an adult or 130 kg of cargo, but it’s only 180 cm long, the same length as a standard bike. Fat, small tires are no longer slow and hard to ride; they are fun, grippy, and offer lots of cushy suspensions. The low step-thru frame makes getting on and off much safer. High handlebars allow you to sit upright with a clear view of the road. Bigger saddles are comfy and make you want to ride further. It's a totally versatile e-bike with a fun yet sturdy and stable ride that gives you more control. Infinity 2.0 comes with a safety kit that includes Front Headlight, Rear Tail Light, Brake Light, Left and Right Turn Indicators, and Horn.