Nexzu Roadlark Cargo

Build for Tough Roads

Retail Price (Exclusive of GST)


Disclaimer: The prices mentioned are subject to change from 1st June 2023 onwards. Customers are advised to verify the latest prices with the OEMs before making any bookings.

25 Kmph

Top Speed

5.2AH: 2.5-3Hrs/

Charge Time


Battery Warranty



What's included

Roadlark Cargo

Roadlark Cargo

With high-tech features like auto-electric cut-off on breaking, a head lamp for better night vision, anti-skid pedals and nylon tyres for enhanced safety, the Nexzu Roadlark rightly deserves the title, “advanced electric cycle”. What’s even more astonishing is the fact that it comes with a 100 km travel range. While on long distance rides, commuters can use the dual drive modes consisting of Pedelec and Full Throttle as per their need. So, if you’re desperately looking for a long range electric cycle, your search ends here. Every other smart mobility brand in the market has made it their mission to contribute in some way (no matter how big or small) in the establishment of a global ecosystem of smart mobility products and services, which ultimately make emobility better and reliable. eWheelers too is working aggressively in this direction while catering to the evolving consumer lifestyles and with special emphasis on building a robust EV network. In order to make smart mobility affordable and accessible to all, we have launched our comprehensive e marketplace This is yet another step to address the issues pertaining to viability of emobility businesses and at the same time to provide greater support to consumers.